Meet the Executive Team

Mohsen Nawaf Alharith, Ph.D. (CEO)

Dr. Mohsen Nawaf Alharith (Holding Ph.D. in Computer Technology) joined ACITS in January 2011 with full responsibility for ACITS as a CEO for the Company. Dr. Mohsen previously worked for MOI - Public Security, positions such as Head of IT Department, Data Center Director, and Computer Crime Unit Director. Dr. Mohsen has more than 20 year of experience as professional information technology manager. He has ability to direct complex projects from concept to operational status. He has directed and supervised IT professionals and staff in public as well as private sector companies.

Ahmed Fawzy - Business Director

Ahmed Fawzy has worked within the IT industry for 21 years with an emphasis on strong client engagement and satisfaction in IT organizations that have required a step change in performance both in the private and public sectors. He is high-performing professional with over 14 years of insightful experience in IT and Telecom industries and over 7 years of managerial experience as project leader, technical/IT manager, and project manager. Ahmed Fawzy joined ACITS in 2012 as Business Director with full responsibilities. He has excellent and broad knowledge of various computer technologies, software/web development, e-commerce (online shop), social networking, mobility/handheld devices, relational databases, operating systems, infrastructures, system integration approaches and computer networking. Ahmed Fawzy having excellent analytical/problem-solving skills, self-initiative and fast to learn new skills/technologies, resourceful, committed, and smart-worker. He has strong ability to coordinate and communicate with project team and has ability to work independently and as part of a team.


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If you would like to discuss any IT service requirement with ACITS, please get in touch with us:

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