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Online Services

With our Online Services proposition, ACITS is ready to help your enterprise make the transformation from a world in which essential functions are locked into designated devices and locations, to a world in which the services you rely on are dynamically optimised according to current business conditions and requirements.

You will achieve greater agility, as you align service provision directly to fluctuations in business need. You will also decouple the platform from the application investment cycles, resulting in faster adoption of the new functionality needed for business efficiency and differentiated success.

What we deliver


ACITS Online Services comprise of two primary categories:

Workspace as a Service

Our Workspace as a Service offering gives your employees access to the productivity and communication tools they need via a browser from any authorised device. You can offer a choice of fixed and mobile devices, and this can also support the current trend towards Bring-Your-Own-Device or Choose-Your-Own-Device (BYOD / CYOD).

We can configure your application catalogue to include both standard personal productivity tools and specialised or bespoke company applications, and provide access to all through a single secure portal.

All workspace security is built in. Whether the employee is working from a tablet on the road or a thin-client on a company site, all enterprise security and access conditions are automatically activated and sustained, ensuring that work sessions are initiated and closed safely.

Licensing and usage monitoring are fully managed and completely transparent. This makes it possible for you to forecast accurately and, most importantly, to limit costs according to the precise professional needs and usages of the individual employee.

Infrastructure as a Service

ACITS Infrastructure as a Service delivers a secure, robust, high-performance platform on which your enterprise can run its most demanding business-critical and personal productivity services.

Our Infrastructure as a Service offers both online storage and computing power, and is fully backed by clear business performance assurance as well as being governed by performance metrics as rigorous as any traditional SLAs.

Online Services

Most importantly, our Infrastructure as a Service offers exceptionally easy and efficient scalability. If, for example, you are launching a new product and anticipate an initial period of peak demand, we can boost storage and processing for the duration – making sure that you only pay for the capacity you need and only when you need it.

In addition to our core workspace and infrastructure services, ACITS also offers a highly-evolved Platform as a Service for test and development activities. In common with all our Online Services, our PaaS proposition is distinguished through its configurability.

How we deliver


Many of our clients are now seeking to reduce the financial and administrative burdens of running their own data centres. ACITS Online Services support hybrid hosted and onsite services in either our own or in specified third party data centres. Your choice will be influenced by your own governance policies and also by local regulation and compliance requirements.

Whichever route you choose, ACITS designs your personalised online service package to deliver the highest degree of security and resilience, with dual hosting across geographically separate sites the norm: your employees and customers expect flawless continuity, and we will design to deliver it. Our Online Services are highly modular and costed on a strictly pay-per-use basis. Whatever combination of workspace and infrastructure services you choose, we provide clear and transparent usage and billing. This not only gives you the insight needed for accurate planning and development. It also provides the data on which to build your continual drive for cost improvement.

Online Services

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