Deployment, Roll Out & System Migration

Businesses worldwide are driven to update and change their workspace both to keep pace with developments in ICT, with the ever greater functionality of the applications available, and with the licensing/support parameters determined by the world’s major suppliers.

ACITS provides a range of “tiered” services designed to enable customers to undertake cost effective and often global change – ACITS can take full ownership for end-to-end project delivery or for particular stages depending on the specific customer requirements.

Roll Out


Many globally distributed and multiple location businesses find the process of updating workspace or networking devices extremely time consuming. Without IT operations of some scale in the distributed geographical locations, it is difficult to locate and manage personnel and difficult to manage both staging, deployment and return logistics.

ACITS can manage the roll out process using the image and design built by your own IT department. ACITS takes responsibility for managing roll outs at agreed cost and within agreed timescales and for product return and ethical disposal, should that be required.

Services under our roll out offering include:

  • Project management
  • Staging and logistics at locally competitive cost
  • Deployment staffing (Personnel and their management and co-ordination)
  • Product return and ethical disposal

System Migration

As technology advances, hardware and operating systems become outdated and limited. A system that is initially on the leading edge of new technology is sometimes obsolete within a few years. To maintain a competitive edge, it becomes necessary to migrate stored information, such as data and programs, to a newer system. This can seem like an immense task, particularly when end users are spread across multiple locations or where the current system is several cycles behind.

ACITS offers a risk-free and step-by-step approach as the solution.


ACITS will assess both the physical and the application environment, consolidating information and providing advice:

  • As to what needs to be replaced and what may be re-used across the physical assets
  • The number and spread of applications located
  • Which applications can be consolidated or removed from the environment
  • ACITS can also assist in advising the licence status of your business – given access to appropriate information


ACITS has the expertise to package applications – with a view to future requirements, and this includes testing and managing acceptance with the business

New Image Design & Deployment

ACITS can carry out design and testing of any new images to be deployed across the workspace. This uses ACITS’ experience and information gathered during assessment to determine the base image configuration. ACITS uses deployment using automated and off site methods where possible.

Design & Implement updated workspace management system

In order to maintain the workspace and enable hands free software distribution and management ACITS can design and implement the latest solutions. Whatever the depth of solution required, whether just a roll out, a complete design and implementation, or steps in between, ACITS has the experience and expertise to deliver cost competitively and within agreed timescales.

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If you would like to discuss any IT service requirement with ACITS, please get in touch with us:

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